Handling Divorce, Custody, Modifications And More

The divorce process has many different confusing procedures and is very complicated. An experienced divorce attorney will protect you, your family and your assets. Do you have multiple homes or a business at stake in your divorce? Are you a high-income earner, such as a medical doctor, business owner, high level executive or engineer, seeking to protect your assets in a high net worth divorce? Have you and your spouse acquired a substantial retirement, collectibles, automobiles, art, retirement accounts, stocks, horses or other investments during your marriage? Upon divorce, a knowledgeable attorney is needed to protect your assets.

Fair and equitable division of property presents complex matters, such as accurate valuations and spousal support or alimony, to reveal all assets earned during the marriage. Protecting your rights during a divorce with high assets is complicated without the help of a knowledgeable attorney on your side.

For over a decade, Samantha M. Malfitano has represented both men and women, providing comprehensive divorce representation in Texas. Attorney Malfitano helps families maintain their privacy and reduce conflict with her experienced counsel and advice. She can help you resolve your disputes efficiently, whether through mediation or aggressive representation in court. When negotiation or mediation does not produce the desired results, Samantha Malfitano provides divorce litigation services addressing matters such as:

  • High net worth assets
  • Asset protection in divorce
  • Division of assets
  • Division of debt
  • Spousal support / alimony in divorce
  • Divorce involving personal practices and business
  • Annulment
  • Legal separation
  • Military divorce
  • Military child visitation
  • Prenuptial / postnuptial agreements
  • Same-sex adoptions
  • Same-sex marriages
  • Marital torts
  • Contested / uncontested divorce
  • Child custody or "conservatorship"
  • Visitation or "possession of and access to a child"
  • Visitation schedule, or "standard possession order"
  • Child support
  • Child enforcements
  • Modification and enforcement of existing orders
  • Parental alienation
  • Contempt
  • Emergency orders
  • Protective orders
  • Supervised visitation
  • Joint Managing Conservator
  • Sole Managing Conservator
  • Grandparent rights

Whether your divorce is uncontested or a heated conflict, protect your rights to parenting your children and to a fair and equitable division of your assets and debts. Call the Law Office of Samantha M. Malfitano at 281-394-0840 or email the firm.

Compassionate Conservatorship And Child Support Representation

Providing for your children's well-being following a divorce is paramount. If you and your spouse cannot agree to such matters as which parent will be the conservator of your children, visitation — possession and access — or a schedule, the court will determine these matters for you. The court determines possession and access and creates a standard possession order based on the best interests of your children. The court may order a joint managing conservatorship ("JMC") or sole managing conservatorship ("SMC") by reviewing factors such as if the other parent has a history of:

  • Neglect or family violence
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Criminal activity
  • Absence from the child's life
  • Conflicting core values, such as education, medical or religious values

Our firm understands how divorce affects children and provides advocacy you can trust your family's future to.

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When you need an experienced lawyer for your divorce, Samantha M. Malfitano has the experience you need to ensure your rights are protected. Get the information that will help you make informed decisions about safeguarding your family. Contact the firm by completing the online form or call the office in The Woodlands at 281-394-0840. The Law Office of Samantha M. Malfitano provides a military discount and first-responder discount on legal services.